Henry Bigone (slickwillie1998@hotmail.com)
Sat, 08 Jul 2000 10:31:44 PDT

Could you please tell me using BOTH real world and Gundam phisics what would
be worse? And could I have EVERYBODIES opinion on the matter!

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>Subject: Re:[gundam] What would be worse for Earth? Mass Colony Drop or
>Zentraedi Bombardment?
>Date: 8 Jul 2000 17:26:55 -0000
>On Sat, 08 Jul 2000 10:22:23 PDT Henry Bigone <slickwillie1998@hotmail.com>
> >What was more powerful destructiveness for the Earth? The colony drops of
> >Gundam and Gundam X or the orbital Zentraedi bombardment of Macross? Mr.
> >Simmons and everybody else, tell me of the opinions of yours.
>Depends. Are we using real world physics, or Gundam physics? Because in
>real world physics, I do believe that the Earth would have been destroyed
>in the mass colony drop of Gundam X. Certainly, it would have taken more
>than 15 years for the world to become as hospitable as you see in the
>series itself. Let's see, if an asteroid 6 miles wide can cause enough dirt
>and other debris to enter the atmosphere to wipe out virtually all life
>within a few months, I wonder how several miles long colonies with nuclear
>reactors and such would do?
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