Roland Thigpen (
8 Jul 2000 17:26:55 -0000

On Sat, 08 Jul 2000 10:22:23 PDT Henry Bigone <> wrote:
>What was more powerful destructiveness for the Earth? The colony drops of MS
>Gundam and Gundam X or the orbital Zentraedi bombardment of Macross? Mr.
>Simmons and everybody else, tell me of the opinions of yours.

Depends. Are we using real world physics, or Gundam physics? Because in real world physics, I do believe that the Earth would have been destroyed in the mass colony drop of Gundam X. Certainly, it would have taken more than 15 years for the world to become as hospitable as you see in the series itself. Let's see, if an asteroid 6 miles wide can cause enough dirt and other debris to enter the atmosphere to wipe out virtually all life within a few months, I wonder how several miles long colonies with nuclear reactors and such would do?


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