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>I thought those guys in the Bandai Panel implied that it will be shown on
>the Cartoon Network... Anyway, my main concern (not so much the dated
>style, which is still better than most american TV animation like Simpsons or
>South Park) is actually the embarrassingly bad music, the opening theme and
>ending songs are damn awful! The BGM is okay, but something has to be done
>the Gun Dar Mu song in the beginning and the ending Ah Mu Ro song.

Well, considering how CN "edited" out the OP and ED of Wing, expect them to
do the same with MSG if they do get to show it.

>I was checking prices of the PG Zeta Gundams the dealer room and thr prices
>range from $250 to $270 (plus 8.25% tax!). My sister bought mine from
>Hong Kong
>for $2000 (HK), which is about $256 US. She said the reason it was so
>was that this was the "first issue/edition" of the kit and therefore has an
>extra holographic transformation card in it. She claimed that there are
>versions of the PG kit for $1600 (still more than the expected $1400...) but
>supposedly those are not 1st. edition.

Hmm, this is the first time I heard of PG Zeta kits that don't have the
hologram card - considering how most retailers still have plenty to go
around, I'd be surprised if Bandai went to the 2nd production run already.
These HK sellers probably took out the hologram card and sold them
seperately though.

>So I'd like to ask, has she been duped
>by some unscrupulous model shop for paying an extra $400 (HK) for a lousy
>I am suspicious that even those non-first edition PG Zetas still have that
>holographic card in it.

The holographic card is indeed a 1st-pressing exclusive, but as far as I
know all the PG kits out there are from the 1st pressing.

>I also have a question about the light-up beam saber,
>I only found one of them in the kit, shouldn't there actually be 2 of them?

The Construction Manual only lists 1 in the parts checklist. You do get 2
regular beam sabers. Considering how expensive the kit was, you'd think
they wouldn't mind throwing in another lightup saber for free...


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