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Heero's suicidal tendencies are provoked by honor, not insanity. In such a
powerful suit and with such skill as he has, he'd have no reason to use
them, assuming that the battle is being fought solely for the sake of
fighting (no storyline).
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<< > gee that's dangerous - Heero's suicidal as it is, and strengthening him
might prove to be the last straw before he completely snaps. even if Heero
doesn't snap, Char and Amuro had better learn how to trust each other and
pop a round into the other's ass while there's a lull in the combat and the
other one's not looking. hmmm...if the mega particle cannon is as powerful
as the buster rifle, then the planet defensors might not stand for more than
two direct hits.

 heh heh heh >:) >>
All Hiro Yui (My spelling, i don't give a **** about bandai's version.)
is the self-destruct switch, it could go either way...

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