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<< Their new storefront at the A2Shop has a TRUSTe licensee logo at the bottom
 of the page, which apparently was used without permission - TRUSTe said is not a TRUSTe licensee after I sent them an inquiry.
 Strangely, ActionAce is still listed as a licensee in TRUSTe's own site.
 If you click on the VeriSign logo from the same A2Shop page, a new browser
 window pops up and reveals some interesting information... for a California
 company, don't you think it's strange that their server is located in
 Hong Kong? >>

  That is not good at all. I would not order from them, since they are
dishonest about their TRUSTe logo.

  One bit of interesting info., several years ago, was known as
Comic Planet, a company based out of Hong Kong. Their company was located in
Hong Kong, but they had a US payment office for money orders, just like HLJ.
I know this, as I ordered two DBZ Full Action kits from them when they where
known as Comic Planet.

  Now, a few weeks after I received my order, they opened up a US officie to
handle US orders. Then, when I started to place another, they posted an
annoucment another few weeks later, saying they where not going to take
orders for awhile, as they where going to relaunch as, which
just happens to the Actionace we know now. Maybe this explians the reason for
the sites server being in Hong Kong, maybe its remains from its Comic Planet

  BTW, there is another Comic Planet, but this is a different company, but
uses the same name. I've kept up with Actionace, but haven't ordered from
them, as I mostly use HLJ now.


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