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> > >i think it's a heavy helium isotope called Helium3 (or something)
> >
> >hmmm...either H2 or He3, I am not sure. but definitely one of those gasses,
> >since both would be abundant in Jupiter...
> It's He3. Besides, deuterium is common enough here on Earth it would make
> absolutely no sense to import it all the way from Jupiter.

It's both. Helium-3 and Deuterium are fused into Helium, with a proton left

2He3 + 1H2 -> 2He4 + p (energy released: 18.35 MeV)

The extra proton can be contained in a negatively-charged electromagnetic
bottle, which would not be true of the neutrons produced by more mundane
Hydrogen-Deuterium fusion.

For the details -- and some nice FLash Player animated tutorials -- browse:



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