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> i don't know if anyone noticed this but me.. but later on in the earily
> seasons of Transformers they introduce a charracter called Jetfire who
> while having a fairly original mehanical design in the animation in the
> toys he looks exactly like a VF-1S Super Valkyrie

Thats cos the toy IS a VF-1S Strike Valkyrie. Mostly. He has two missile
pod/thruster dealies instead of one with a large cannon, and he has a snub
nose, rather than a pointed nose, but its the same mold. Most of the first
run Jetfire toys had macross symbols on the wings =)
It's a lot more detailed than I'd care to go into, but basically, Hasbro
bought the rights to the mold for the series at the same time as Robotech
was playing in the US. Do to some crazy licensing stuff, the TV character
couldn't look like a macross valkyrie/robotech veritech, hence the
difference and the new name, "skyfire".
Jetfire is quite popular with Macross collectors because you buy one, take
the nosecone from a knockoff Joons valkyrie, repaint it, and you've got a
really decent strike valkyrie for 200$ rather than the 1000$+ most "legit"
valk's sell for these days. Frickin crazy if you ask me. Thank god for the
TOYCOM valkyries...

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