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I checked the end credits and apparentally Peter Chung was involved. Apparentally, the guy's a good friend of Rintaro(The guy who directed the Galaxy Express Movies and X)and is the creator of Aeon Flux and the new anime Alexander, which the guys in went nuts about :)
let's not get this too off-topic though.
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  Aside from the fact that 99% of the first two years of the toyline were lifted from various Japanese toy lines (Microman, Macross, diaclone, etc), the original series was created in the US and didn't have any ties to Japan. I'm reasonably sure a lot of the actual animating was done in Asia though, possibly Korea? I seem to remember reading about various episodes throughout the seasons where you could see noticable differences in the quality of animation (call of the primitives, anyone?). It basically reflected animation standards of the time. Later Transformers series (Headmasters, Victory, and Masterforce) were Japanese exclusive and were animated and only shown in Japan. They mostly maintained the same animation style, although with more and more stylistic freedom as time went on.
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    I'm wondering, since some of you are Transformers fans, could you answer this question?

    Recently, I saw Episode 5 of the Transformers, and it seemed so animeish it was scary...first, the animation quality reminded me a lot of Macross(Robotech Part I), and also, the human characters looked like they could be stand ins for early 80s anime. My question is, were the Japanese involved in any way in the animating of the early Transformers episodes? It just seemed very animeish to me.
     Also, one of those Jet transformers bears a striking resemblance to airmaster :)

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