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> Chris Maier wrote:
> I'm wondering, since some of you are Transformers fans, could you
> answer this question?
> Recently, I saw Episode 5 of the Transformers, and it seemed so
> animeish it was scary...first, the animation quality reminded me a lot
> of Macross(Robotech Part I), and also, the human characters looked
> like they could be stand ins for early 80s anime. My question is, were
> the Japanese involved in any way in the animating of the early
> Transformers episodes? It just seemed very animeish to me.
> Also, one of those Jet transformers bears a striking resemblance to
> airmaster :)

i don't know if anyone noticed this but me.. but later on in the earily
seasons of Transformers they introduce a charracter called Jetfire who
while having a fairly original mehanical design in the animation in the
toys he looks exactly like a VF-1S Super Valkyrie


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