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>In a message dated 7/7/00 11:01:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
><< > gee that's dangerous - Heero's suicidal as it is, and strengthening
>might prove to be the last straw before he completely snaps. even if Heero
>doesn't snap, Char and Amuro had better learn how to trust each other and
>pop a round into the other's ass while there's a lull in the combat and the
>other one's not looking. hmmm...if the mega particle cannon is as
>as the buster rifle, then the planet defensors might not stand for more
>two direct hits.
> heh heh heh >:) >>
>All Hiro Yui (My spelling, i don't give a **** about bandai's version.)

I think I like your version better. It reminds me of Hiro Protagonist (one
of my favorite characters, period).

>needs is the self-destruct switch, it could go either way...

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