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>>>yes, even the newtype abilities are eerily like the force. and the bad guy
>>>wears a samurai like mask. and he has ambitions of toppling the ruling
>>Darth Vaders mask and suit was supposed to represent racism in the US... or
>>I've been told....
>Whoa, Nelly...I didn't know that...could you explain? I'm really curious

hmm.. a lot of people mistake it as george lucas being racist, but the guy i
knew explained it to me this way, Darth Vader is black all over, notice that
his storm troopers are white and most other people are white too, and his
religion, isn't accepted and he is considered the baddest of the bad, which is
supposed to represent how black people are not accepted by american society.
When Vader dies he is white (as stated before) and he was a good guy, saying
that the idea of the time was that only whites are considered "good" by the
majority. As for my opinion, well.... i dunno..... after seeing TPM.... you
think about it a little...

BTW, the guy I knew was a English teacher.....


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