Danny Kim (danny@lookfx.com)
Fri, 07 Jul 2000 15:40:45 -0700

> > 2) For someone who's not to be trusted with a
> > paintbrush, how's airbrushing
> > in terms of difficulty? And about what is the basic
> > monetary investment to
> > get a basic setup?

Get a simple single action airbrushes to start with. It's just like using
a spray paint.
I use Aztek brand and they are pretty simple to learn. Also cheap!

> > 3) Is it better to paint the pieces before assembly,
> > or once you have larger
> > limbs built?

Well, I usually paint small pieces before assembly. Specially, Gundam's
eye and etc...
Then I'll paint them as I assemble. Yes, it will take longer. But, it's a
lot cleaner after you finish.
There are some areas you can't paint if you try paint them after you
complete your kit. And, if you hate masking like me, do it this way.
To save time I usually build more then one kit at a time. If you choose
kits with same color skim will also save you time. Currently, working on
MG GP-01 and GP-02 together.
Make sure you study your kit to avoid any mistake.

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