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> << but aside form that.. onto anothe rsubject.. Gundanium..
> i personally have no problems initially with it being nigh invulnerable
> next to UC's Gundarium, it's also hugely exspense, time-consuming, and
> difficult to manufacture.. fine, fine.. so you make less than half a
> dozen suits out of the stuff at a go, good, good.. it all makes at least
> some sorta sense at least up til that point.. what bugs me is when later
> they start pumping out hundreds if not thousandds of Virgo and later
> virgo II units armored with it.. if they could do that then why was
> gundanium so special in the first place?
> >>
> I didn't know they made the Virgos from Gundanium. The reason that lasers usually don't hurt them is because they have the shield system from the Mercurius.
> Jason
i only know what i get from places like MECHADOMAIN.. and it sais
gundanimu.. and Lasers are about the only things that can hurt them
short of Gundam-level weapons.. in the white fang assault on barge the
OZ Taurus Mobile dolls were equiped with laser cannons instead of beam
rifles which cut through the Virgos.. my guess is the planet defensors
need something semi-solid to block like the charged particles or plasma
i'm asuming AC beam weapons use.. whereas the lasers are pure energy

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