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> he Sandrock's heat shorters might be a problem, ass it is unwieldly to use in tighy close quarters, unlike a beam saber - in a tight city space he might hit the buildings first, slowing his attack and giving time for the enemy to evade.
depends on how wide the streets are i should guess

> >but aside form that.. onto another subject.. Gundanium..
> >i personally have no problems initially with it being nigh invulnerable
> >next to UC's Gundarium, it's also hugely exspense, time-consuming, and
> >difficult to manufacture.. fine, fine.. so you make less than half a
> >dozen suits out of the stuff at a go, good, good.. it all makes at least
> >some sorta sense at least up til that point.. what bugs me is when later
> >they start pumping out hundreds if not thousandds of Virgo and later
> >virgo II units armored with it.. if they could do that then why was
> >gundanium so special in the first place?
> >kinda gives me an idea why when Treize brought his army to confront
> >white fang why they were all in space leos.. not Taurus or even
> >mass-produced tallgeese like what they needed against those mobile
> >dolls.. quite simply OZ was BANKRUPT form producing so many gundanium
> >armored Virgos that were weither lost in battle earlier and their
> >replacments sent into storage becasue Treize wouldn't use them.. so all
> >they had were Leos.. as for how White Fang could have so many newer
> >Virgo units.. wel, they are terrorist revolutionaries (who needs money
> >when you've got Patriotisim? now, BACK TO WORK! *cha-chick*)
> the Virgo and Virgo II mobile dolls were armored with Gundanium alloy? I thought they had the regular armor alloys?

just checked the MECHADOMAIN.. yup, Gundanium

 maybe Treize wasn't using much of the Taurus in the White Fang
confrontation because most of them were already converted by the
Romafeller Foundation (before Treize split away anyway) into Mobile Doll
systems - we do see an abundance of Tauruses converted into Mobile Dolls
when the battle moves in to space and maybe more than enough of them
were destroyed, and the remaining units converted into Mobile Dolls were
simply not Treize's type, so maybe that's the reason he just fielded
space type Leos.

but the Taurus Mobile dolls sitll had all their cockpit systems intact
(at least form what i saw) if Treize had Taurus units mobile dolls or
not wouldn't it be jsut a matter of dumpingthe Mobile Doll programming
and reinstalling the original taurus OS?

> >and now, something compleatly different
> >
> >more useless battles
> >a "Strengthened Human" version of Heero Yuy in Psycho Gundam Mk. II
> >Vs.
> >Char and Amuro in Mercurius and Vayate
> >
> >laters ;)
> >
> >--Les
> gee that's dangerous - Heero's suicidal as it is, and strengthening him might prove to be the last straw before he completely snaps. even if Heero doesn't snap, Char and Amuro had better learn how to trust each other and not pop a round into the other's ass while there's a lull in the combat and the other one's not looking. hmmm...if the mega particle cannon is as powerful as the buster rifle, then the planet defensors might not stand for more than two direct hits.

heh heh heh >:)


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