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Hey Core!

How about posting the stuff like you did for Gundam Sim, once it is
translated, it sounds cool.
For those interested, we are playtesting some variations on the Gundam Sim
and would like to say Core's translation has opened up a whole new world of
quick and easy wargamming. Just last night we (my nephew and I started in at
about 6pm, and stopped when we looked at the clock at ten, with four or five
games played with several snack breaks et al.) I hope to do an expanded Sim
site soon, and Core willing, I may try to do some things with Fortress.
Check out his site, it rocks.

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>(Core asked me to post the following to GML in reply
>to -Z-'s post on Augusta base)
>-- Core's post: --
>Hiya folks!
>Still pretty busy, but thanks to Nightingale for
>alerting me to a few good posts.
>Dayfydd buddy, have you forgotten your old pal and my
>little Gundam Games page already? You oughtta drop me
>a line when you find a new RPG book :) God knows I am
>not a gamer, I am almost completely dependent on
>outside help with the Gundam Games page.
>BUT, I've just got myself an early-80s hex-based
>boardgame Fortress. So once I got out of the swamp of
>work I am in now, I will try to figure it out and
>share some info. (anyone could help with translation?
>I can send some scans or photocopies. How about -V-?
>wink wink) Some initial info:
>1. 7 pages of rules, 6 pages of game setups (7
>different games were suggested, including an all-ships
>battle, another battle is a Zeon's attempt at retaking
>A Boa Qu from the Feds). There are 4 game boards
>(13x31) which can be arranged as
> 1234 or 23
> 14 <- 1,4 are upside-down
>2. All the combat units seen in the A Boa Qu episodes
>from the TV are included. (G-Fighter, but no Core
>Figher/Booster) Also there are extra units to do the
>same scene from the novels: G3, Char's Rick Dom, White
>Base Jr (???), multiple Elmeths (perhaps one for Kusko
>3. Each unit has one of the 4 possible types of
>weapons: Beam cannon/rifle, Normal (shell) cannons,
>Missiles, and BD beam interferrence missiles. The
>last type was only available on Public class, as seen
>episode 42 and 43. Not sure about the importance of
>each weapon, I assume BD (Beam interference) affects
>beam weapons.
>4. Zeon (or Feds!!!) has stationary beam, shell and
>missile turrets mounted on A Boa Qu itself.
>5. There are range shooting attacks as well as
>hand-to-hand combats
>6. There are 6 stats for each units: movement points,
>defence, anti-ship offence, anti-MS offence, weapon
>type (B, N, M, BD), pilot type (Regular, Newtype,
>Elite, Student). All the stats are printed on each
>cardboard piece (about 1cm square).
>7. Obviously S are at a disadvantage, and E, NT are
>better, but I haven't figured out how to modify the
>stats based on pilot types.
>8. the pieces for Public, Musai, Gattle and Zanzibar
>can be flipped upside-down to show different stats. I
>think, e.g., after Public fires its big missiles or BD
>weapon, it becomes a faster fighter with less
>9. Combats (dice roll) results in destruction (E),
>deranged? (D) (kanji: big chaos state), confused? (C)
>(kanji: chaos state) and no damage (-). It seems there
>is a rule for recovering from the chaos state, which
>looks similar to the panic rules in Warhammer games.
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