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--- Heero Yuy <> wrote:
> Now compare MS Gundam with, Salor Moon. Then Dragon
> Ball Z. That would be
> a laugh. Then Pokemon. Yeah, Pokemon! Ha! C'mon,
> Try it!

don't mind me, this is very stupid.

Char wears a mask, so does Mamoru. so does Gohan.
The Novel Gundam looks like a Sailor Senshi
The Turn A looks like a pokemon
Heero's Twin Buster Rifle = Gokou's Kamehameha
Newtype = Saiyan
Five Wing Pilots, Five senshis.
Dumon Cashew enters the Ultimate Martial Arts
Tournament, in his God Gundam.
God Mode - Super Saiyan
Gokou's hair turns yellow when powered up, Dumon turns
yellow when powered up.
G Gundam's pilot-enter-cockpit is as long as a
Senshi's henshin.
Korozo looks like someone from the Nega verse.
Pikachu versus Bolt Gundam.

damn I'm bored.

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