Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 7 Jul 2000 00:10:13 -0700

>Let's just say almost every year since 95, when they moved to the
>pc setup from the pervious Apple IIGS with Image Writer II
>setup.(Of course, at that point, it would been even slower had they
>stayed with that setup) . Apprently, shamelessly copy E3 and move
>to a thin client Network Computer model, worked. So it's easy to
>figure out it's from a newbie.

Wow, you are a real old timer from the IIgs days, I remember seeing
the setup and thinking to myself "dang, I thought these are extinct!"

>The plan for next year is to accept credit card on-line. Once that is
>done, I see no reason we can not have self-help registration kiosks.
>Even less work for me at con.

Cool! But that still can't beat the $10 trail membership, hehehe.

>> So, what did you wear this year? The WuFei/Mariemaia uniform?
>Street clothes. My plan for this year didn't pan out,(Finger people
>from Digi Charate, sort like the Seele group in Masquerade) so
>maybe next year.

You could have gone in your birthday suit as Rolan from Turn-A... hehehe.

>Used, but in pretty good condition. It wouldn't be mistaken for mint.
>But doesn't look like its abused either. So far, I havn't found any
>scratches. And I don't think those two LD boxsets are know for laser
>rot.(as oppose to Record of Loddos War, Video Girl Ai, etc.) It was
>a pain to haul them back to NorCal, but I am happy with them.
>Jim Huang

I will have to get by with my VCDs until it comes out on HK DVD or US DVD...


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