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Thu, 6 Jul 2000 23:39:39 -0700

On 6 Jul 00, at 22:08, Edward Ju wrotf:

> >Registration is really nice this year. Somebody complained about
> >line being too long, my co-worker asked, "How long did you waited in
> >line?" The answer was "One and half hour". My co-worker asked "Mdm.
> >Were you here last year?"
> Or try a few years ago, like 96 or 97!

Let's just say almost every year since 95, when they moved to the
pc setup from the pervious Apple IIGS with Image Writer II
setup.(Of course, at that point, it would been even slower had they
stayed with that setup) . Apprently, shamelessly copy E3 and move
to a thin client Network Computer model, worked. So it's easy to
figure out it's from a newbie.

The plan for next year is to accept credit card on-line. Once that is
done, I see no reason we can not have self-help registration kiosks.
Even less work for me at con.

> So, what did you wear this year? The WuFei/Mariemaia uniform?
Street clothes. My plan for this year didn't pan out,(Finger people
from Digi Charate, sort like the Seele group in Masquerade) so
maybe next year.
> >But I did
> >picked up both Zeta Gundam LD box, used, for $310. Since Bandai
> >doesn't seems to have plan to release it on DVD for next few year, I
> >think that's not a bad deal.
> Cool, was your set mint or used?

Used, but in pretty good condition. It wouldn't be mistaken for mint.
But doesn't look like its abused either. So far, I havn't found any
scratches. And I don't think those two LD boxsets are know for laser
rot.(as oppose to Record of Loddos War, Video Girl Ai, etc.) It was
a pain to haul them back to NorCal, but I am happy with them.

Jim Huang

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