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> (in my zeal, as I neared completion) I snapped the blue chest plate. D0h.
> Fortunately a little crazy clue fixed it, and its mostly not noticable =)
hrm.. i don't know how severe the damage is, but if it's not noticeable,
some surfacer + sanding = brand new again!!! (which also means you HAVE to

> Now, for a few questions
> 1) Whats the best way to apply the decals? Some appear to be the kind
> you scratch them onto the plastic, others look to require water. Any
> appreciated.
hrm.. if there are scratch on decals, my advice is to cut a piece of the
tree from the mold, sand around the tip so it's blunt and round, and then
use that to scratch instead of something sharp. chances are, you won't rip
the decal that way and it comes out cleaner. water ones, just make sure you
don't over wet it. i'd use that same tree piece to help slide it on too
(Some people use a knife to hold it while doing so... but i'm clumsy and i
tend to scratch the paint).

> 2) For someone who's not to be trusted with a paintbrush, how's
> in terms of difficulty? And about what is the basic monetary investment to
> get a basic setup?

basically, if you cannot paint with a brush, chances are, you can't paint
with an airbrush... airbrushing is a bit more costly and for a basic set,
you're looking at about $50 (incl. propellant, thinner, paint costs). but
propellant tends to be expensive, so it's best to look into tire inflator
air tanks too...

> 3) Is it better to paint the pieces before assembly, or once you have
> limbs built?
usually, after you build, if you're happy with the proportions and no
modifications needed, you should glue together some of the pieces. i.e. the
internal structure etc... since the internal parts are gnenrally one color,
you can just go on and paint that as a whole. then add on the armour and
paint the armour by part. it's best to have larger pieces, or at least
pieces that need to be joined, assembled first. otherwise, you'd have lines
showing where they are joined.


> Heh. And is it just me, or do you get a sinking feeling when you find
> pieces on the trees and you flip through the manual trying to find out
> they belong <grin>

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