Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 6 Jul 2000 22:08:16 -0700

>Well, I think I had an excuse for not making it. ^_^. Somebody had
>to take-in the money and hand out badge for everything else to
>happen. This year, I handled 4 or 5 GMLer, some sort of record. I
>wonder what's their excuse for not making it.

"'Tis my duty to please the booty."

>Registration is really nice this year. Somebody complained about
>line being too long, my co-worker asked, "How long did you waited
>in line?" The answer was "One and half hour". My co-worker asked
>"Mdm. Were you here last year?"

Or try a few years ago, like 96 or 97!

So, what did you wear this year? The WuFei/Mariemaia uniform?

>Didn't buy lots of stuff in dealer's room like I used to.

Same here but that was probably because I was only there for the
last 90 minutes or so... everybody's selling the same, current stuff.
Not enough vendors of vintage oldies.

>But I did
>picked up both Zeta Gundam LD box, used, for $310. Since Bandai
>doesn't seems to have plan to release it on DVD for next few year, I
>think that's not a bad deal.

Cool, was your set mint or used?


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