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It's been at _least_ 8 years since I've built a model kit, and even then, it
was modern fighter aircraft kits with my dad. Building the Master Grade Alex
was a whole different experience. I spend all day at work in front of a
computer (and you better believe I love it), and I come home, IRC, play a
few games, play on the dreamcast, but building the Alex was one of the most
relaxing things I've done to kill some time in a long, long time.
It took me about 3 and a half hours to build everything (Except for the
armor and the decals) and it was a fairly smooth process. Getting those bits
of rubber around the shoulder was a bitch, and I built the gatling guns
wrong (aurgh!) which was horrible unpleasant to dismantle and fix. I also
(in my zeal, as I neared completion) I snapped the blue chest plate. D0h.
Fortunately a little crazy clue fixed it, and its mostly not noticable =)
There's some really brilliant bits of engineering involved and I'm highly
impressed. I am hereby selling my Transformers collection and getting me
more MG kits =)
Now, for a few questions
1) Whats the best way to apply the decals? Some appear to be the kind where
you scratch them onto the plastic, others look to require water. Any advice
2) For someone who's not to be trusted with a paintbrush, how's airbrushing
in terms of difficulty? And about what is the basic monetary investment to
get a basic setup?
3) Is it better to paint the pieces before assembly, or once you have larger
limbs built?

Heh. And is it just me, or do you get a sinking feeling when you find extra
pieces on the trees and you flip through the manual trying to find out where
they belong <grin>

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