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> > This just in:
> >
> > Login Tabletalk RPG Series: Gundam Senki One Year War (2000.1.16, Aspect,
> > ISBN4-7572-0658-5) 336 pages (16 color) for Y4,800.
> >
> > Although Aspect is the main publisher, credit is also given to R. Talsorian
> > Games and T.O.Y. International, Inc. It's basically a port of the Mekton Z
> > RPG system to Gundam. It's, of ocurse, heavy on Japanese text and light on
> > illustrations.
> Is this the only book in the system (so far)?

It's the only one I've seen and I almost missed seeing it -- I found it listed
in the books and manga section on AnimeNation as not in stock and ordered it
figuring that meant it hadn't been published yet. Two days later, it came in
and they shipped it the day after that. I hope that someone with [a] better
Japanese language skills and [b] more free time snags a copy and regales the
list with other revelations.


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