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Thu, 6 Jul 2000 19:55:43 -0700

On 6 Jul 00, at 18:09, Mark Simmons wrotf:

> >BTW, where were other fellow GML'ers in Anime Expo? I thought I was
> >the only one in the Bandai Entertainment panel. I was the one who
> >screamed

> Beats me. I was hanging around after the panel chatting with Ben
> Koshy,
> and everyone else bugged out - sort of a mass failure of will on the
> part of the mailing list members. :-)

Well, I think I had an excuse for not making it. ^_^. Somebody had
to take-in the money and hand out badge for everything else to
happen. This year, I handled 4 or 5 GMLer, some sort of record. I
wonder what's their excuse for not making it.

Registration is really nice this year. Somebody complained about
line being too long, my co-worker asked, "How long did you waited
in line?" The answer was "One and half hour". My co-worker asked
"Mdm. Were you here last year?" Veteran staffers and other
attendees in ear-shot range of that exchange almost all bust in
laughters. The manager of Reg Dep. was really disappointed no
body repeat that at con gripe. So he can ask the same question.
Base on the planned improvement for next year,I promise
registration will be even faster next year. So you all can have more
times to wait in-line for panel, exhibitor hall, movies, or Masquerade.
I did got a chance to see Esc movie, and like others, not entralled
by the plot. But my biggest problem with it is that I don't like Hitomi's
new uniform. The Utena movie was much nicer. Too bad Ikuhara
and Saito chose not to sit in their assigned seat, otherwise I will be
setting right next to them.

Didn't buy lots of stuff in dealer's room like I used to. But I did
picked up both Zeta Gundam LD box, used, for $310. Since Bandai
doesn't seems to have plan to release it on DVD for next few year, I
think that's not a bad deal.

Jim Huang

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