Marcel Tualla (
Thu, 06 Jul 2000 22:27:18 -0500

i too generally agree with all the previous comments made about this MSIA toy.
But with a few "adustments" it can be made abit more playable.

First off would have to be the wing binders that keep falling off.
What i did was cut the back mounting tabs abit ( with an excacto blade) to make
abit thinner. This makes for a more secure fit.

The other major problem was that tail stabilizer (it just kept falling off).
An easy solution was to "thicken up" that tab that inserted into the back.
I did this by simply wrapping one layer of masking tape around it
and trimming off any excess.

I the mega particle launcher problem I havn't been able to solve though.

So try that. I know I was scared too to make these slight mods, especially when
i paid $30 CDN
for it. But at least now it doesn't fall apart when I move it. and i can engage
in some
heavy mecha action with it when i pit the Z against the 3 MSIA grunt Zaks!
(die Zeon slime!!!)

Good luck!


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