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Chris Maier asks,

>More tricky than the Dom or the Zaku, I'm curious as to how the order of
>worked on the GM.

  Ah, you know I'm a sucker for these things. :-)

  You're on the money with the initial RGM-79[E] -> RGM-79 development;
the [E] type is the trial version that preceded the standard GM. The
RGM-79L Light Armor and RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom are both custom
versions based on the standard GM.

  The RGM-79[G] seen in 08th MS Team is the rejected ground version,
produced in parallel with the [E] type, which lasted long enough to lend
its head to the first Blue Destiny unit and be adapted into the GM Sniper.

  In 0080 we meet the RGM-79D GM Cold Climate Version and RGM-79G GM
Commando (and its space version, the GS type). These are the first major
upgrades to the standard GM. The G type was used as the base for the
RGM-79SP GM Sniper II, the successor to the GM Sniper Custom.

  Then we get the RGM-79C from 0083. Though it looks just like the [E]
type (a case of recycling line art), it's supposed to be based on the G
type, even though they look nothing alike. The Powered GM is obviously
based on this type.

  The GM II seen in Z Gundam is something of a throwback after all these
amped-up GMs. It lacks even the Gundam-style codpiece of the C and D
versions, so I guess you could think of it as an upgrade to a never-seen
B version. Here's how I'd arrange 'em if anybody asked me...

  RGM-79A Standard GM
  RGM-79B Missing Link (four backpack thrusters, antenna) -> RGM-79R GM II
  RGM-79C GM Kai (above plus Gundam codpiece and cheek vents)
  RGM-79D GM Cold Climate (above plus new elbow joints and shoulder vents)
  RGM-79G GM Commando (above plus new knee joints, head, saber racks,
  RGM-79SP GM Sniper II (above plus new visor, torso armor, leg boosters,

  As for the RGM-79N GM Custom, according to the Master Grade kit manual
it's a new design based on test data from the wartime Alex project.
Presumably the GM Cannon II, likewise Alex-based, is its sibling. The
RGM-79Q GM Quell, obviously, is based on the GM Custom.

-- Mark

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