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Michael Wong writes,

>I thought those guys in the Bandai Panel implied that it will be shown on
>the Cartoon Network...

  All they said was that it'll be the "next series." I chatted with Ken
Iyadomi for a minute after the panel, and it sounds like they haven't
nailed down the details yet.

>I wasn't too impressed by the TV opening for Escaflowne, then again, I didn't
>like the Escaflowne movie too much either

  Well, that's another subject... :-)

>BTW, where were other fellow GML'ers in Anime Expo? I thought I was the only
>one in the Bandai Entertainment panel. I was the one who screamed
"YES!" when
>Bandai confirmed that they will be releasing the original Gundam series and
>shouted "AWESOME" a little later when that Bandai VP said they are a "Gundam"
>company and will continue to release other Gundam titles.

  Beats me. I was hanging around after the panel chatting with Ben Koshy,
and everyone else bugged out - sort of a mass failure of will on the part
of the mailing list members. :-)

-- Mark

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