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Michael Wong x4241 wrote:

> For those who went to AnimEigo's panel or the Macross fans panel, what did you
> guys think of the newly remastered Macross? I felt stupid for buying the 15th.
> anniversary collector's boxset after seeing what they did.

Didn't see it and don't care since I'm one of those consumers that they love since
I did buy the laserdisc box set (and all the Gundam ones) and I'll still buy the
DVD sets. I like to collect that stuff, when it's packaged cool, and the DVDs are
cheap enough to buy along with the laserdiscs. But only for my favorite series.
I'm not made of money. Will there be a DVD series of Star Blazers/Yamato, I

> BTW, where were other fellow GML'ers in Anime Expo? I thought I was the only
> one in the Bandai Entertainment panel. I was the one who screamed "YES!" when
> Bandai confirmed that they will be releasing the original Gundam series and
> shouted "AWESOME" a little later when that Bandai VP said they are a "Gundam"
> company and will continue to release other Gundam titles.

I was there briefly on Saturday. I fucked up and thought, like last time, that it
was at the Anaheim Convention Center. I drove around there stupified and figured I
had picked the wrong weekend to spend an hour on the freeways. But I decided to
walk over to the Pacific Hotel, just to confirm my spazness, and I noticed fans
with AX badges so I spent a few hours in the dealers room. That's about all of the
Disney saturation I could take. All that construction work for a park that will
fail to capture the actual California Experience.


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