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Aren't the gundams fueled by gases from Jupiter? I remember reading
something like that shortly after guessing that they used an alien gas from
Venus. But, the substance they use is an actual element or something
(sorry, haven't taken chemistry yet) with a scientific explanation. I don't
know; go check out the gundam area at

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> Forgive me if one of you already said this, Ididn't read them all yet,
>think They just have the little hampster on that spinning wheele thing.
>Thats where the gundam gets its power. at least, thats what I've

hey I remember that answer...I asked the question to that once about
powerplants in the AC universe and someone in the ML said that since the 5
Gundams are top-secret mecha, they could only surmise as to what powers the
Gundams - hence the hamster running on the wheel. wohoo boy that
thermonuclear "codpiece" answer a few messages back sure was funny.


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