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Yes, I do have a question. What is the best way to fill in the fine, dark
lines on my mobile suits? What kinds of tools and paints do I need? I have
all these models, and I'm just now starting to paint them.
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>I just would like to know, what is the best color for my Gundam RGM-79 GM
>SNIPER?? and how can i remove those annoying gaps!!!!
I answered the gap question a million times, but seeing its for a GM

1. "pro's" like to cut the alginment rods and after that glue it together
2. if you have use a modelling cement and sqeezed the 2 parts together
tightly, a little plastic will ooze out and the plastic would liquify and
over the gap, something like this: -^-
4. after it has dryed for a day or 2, sand it down, prime and paint...

there is a little bit more to the sanding this but, well.... figure it out,
reccomend a coarser sand then a finer sand....

these are the basics any more questions?


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