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Dear List:

> Eddie writes,
> >Ok... the show's over... so where's the report?!

Yeah, I too am waiting to see what other people thought of Anime Expo 2000. I
won't be writing one up because I am too lazy.

> >I missed the first 3 days, but what I do know:

I went Saturday and Sunday, did a little too much walking and decided to skip
Monday because my feet were killing me.

> What else? Well, let's think...
> The original Gundam series ("First Gundam" as the Japanese fans call
> it) is the next full-length series planned, but it's not yet determined
> how & where it will be released. (TV seems like the most obvious venue,
> but nothing's decided yet.)

I thought those guys in the Bandai Panel implied that it will be shown on
the Cartoon Network... Anyway, my main concern (not so much the dated animation
style, which is still better than most american TV animation like Simpsons or
South Park) is actually the embarrassingly bad music, the opening theme and
ending songs are damn awful! The BGM is okay, but something has to be done with
the Gun Dar Mu song in the beginning and the ending Ah Mu Ro song.

> 0080 and 0083 will be released on DVD next year, and 08th MS Team is
> due in 2001 as well.

For those who went to AnimEigo's panel or the Macross fans panel, what did you
guys think of the newly remastered Macross? I felt stupid for buying the 15th.
anniversary collector's boxset after seeing what they did.

> Oh, and I saw both the Escaflowne movie, and the new opening for the
> Fox Kids broadcast of Escaflowne. The latter was pretty good, and the
> audience at the Bandai panel reacted with a brief round of applause
> (probably mostly out of sheer relief).

I wasn't too impressed by the TV opening for Escaflowne, then again, I didn't
like the Escaflowne movie too much either, maybe that was because I watched it
at the Midnight showing and was too tired to really appreciate the show. I saw
it again Sunday day to make sure and still don't find it too special.

> -- Mark

BTW, where were other fellow GML'ers in Anime Expo? I thought I was the only
one in the Bandai Entertainment panel. I was the one who screamed "YES!" when
Bandai confirmed that they will be releasing the original Gundam series and
shouted "AWESOME" a little later when that Bandai VP said they are a "Gundam"
company and will continue to release other Gundam titles.

I was checking prices of the PG Zeta Gundams the dealer room and thr prices
range from $250 to $270 (plus 8.25% tax!). My sister bought mine from Hong Kong
for $2000 (HK), which is about $256 US. She said the reason it was so expensive
was that this was the "first issue/edition" of the kit and therefore has an
extra holographic transformation card in it. She claimed that there are cheaper
versions of the PG kit for $1600 (still more than the expected $1400...) but
supposedly those are not 1st. edition. So I'd like to ask, has she been duped
by some unscrupulous model shop for paying an extra $400 (HK) for a lousy card?
I am suspicious that even those non-first edition PG Zetas still have that
holographic card in it. I also have a question about the light-up beam saber,
I only found one of them in the kit, shouldn't there actually be 2 of them?

Finally back to AX2000, that Richard Le guy was awesome on the DDR machine.


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