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Login Tabletalk RPG Series: Gundam Senki One Year War (2000.1.16, Aspect,
ISBN4-7572-0658-5) 336 pages (16 color) for Y4,800.

Although Aspect is the main publisher, credit is also given to R. Talsorian
Games and T.O.Y. International, Inc. It's basically a port of the Mekton Z RPG
system to Gundam. It's, of ocurse, heavy on Japanese text and light on


On page 73 there's a map of the major Federation bases: Augusta, Belfast, Dakar,
Jaburu, and Panama. Augusta is shown in the NE United States, directly below
the eastern end of Lake Erie, which places it somewhere in western Pennsylvania
or, possibly New York.

Well, there ain't no Augusta PA, folks. There is, however, an Augusta NY. It's
located at 42? 58' N ? 75? 30' W, about 55 km (34 miles) ESE of Syracuse.


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