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The Phantom Menace:Introduces new characters and surroundings in a different
timeframe. Fan opinion is divided.

well I was with you till f91,TPM suffers the same problem all films by aging
directors/writers, they lose the original meaning, they kinda tend to get
boring and most importantly they sell out. For all you George Lucas fan's out
there, I'm not saying George lucas is a sellout but TPM does have the first 2
qualities. It had none of the 1st movies symbolism, it was chock-full'o-
Stereotypes and waaaaaaay too flashy. Die-Hard Star Wars Fans blindfold
themselves to the fact that underneath the flashiness, the movie had very
mediocre directing and a very short,simple and elongated plot.hope eps.2 is
cooler. Another good example is "Eyes wide shut"

I guess this was what Turn-A was Aiming for in a different way i guess, Bad
Design to direct attention to story... still didn't see it yet, so can't


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