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I've read somewhere that Bandai is going to be rolling out kits(Like they
did before GW's premiere). As far as I know, the only kits for Escaflowne
were the Limited Model version.
I suppose it would depend on the show's sucess.
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> Since its known for sure that Escaflowne is coming to Fox Kids, wonder
> Bandai will make some action figures of the Escaflowne mecha? Escaflowne
is a
> Sunrise show, isn't it? I wouldn't be surprised if a few Escaflowne MSiA
> style figures show up.
> Someone awhile ago asked if the US GW figures are MSiA. They've got to
> as the joints look excatly like the Japanese MSiA's. No, MSiA is not on
> package, but that doesn't mean they aren't MSiA's. HLJ has pics of the
> Japanese Wing Gundam MSiA and the only diferences are the addition of
> lines, a bit of paint to make the gun show accurate and the package.
> why its beam saber is pink?, its clearly green in the anime. No big deal
> though.
> Aaron
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