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Well, I have'nt seen a Turn X in stock anywhere, really....people like that
design at least.
Also, another parrarel is that the design work is a lot more aesthetic and
art-deco than used and machine-like(At least in the film's Naboo designs).
I dunno if ridiculed is the word for Jar-Jar though-more like utterly
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> > Just thought I'd point out how these two Sci-fi megafranchises seem
> >to mirror each other in a few ways....
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> >Gundam F91 and Victory Gundam/The Phantom Menace:Introduces new
> >characters and surroundings in a different timeframe. Fan opinion is
> >divided. Chris
> Interesting, but I'd draw the parallel between Turn-A with TPM/Episode I:
> - use of foreign designers (TPM's main designer is of Asian descent,
> mecha design was a Western import)
> - utterly ridiculed by fans (TPM's Jar Jar Binks vs. Turn-A's mustache)
> - series creator returns to his creation after a long break from the
> franchise
> - tons of merchandise stuffing store shelves and are now in the bargain
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