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Now compare MS Gundam with, Salor Moon. Then Dragon Ball Z. That would be
a laugh. Then Pokemon. Yeah, Pokemon! Ha! C'mon, Try it!

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>Subject: [gundam] Parrarels between Gundam and Star Wars...
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>Just thought I'd point out how these two Sci-fi megafranchises seem to
>mirror each other in a few ways....
>Mobile Suit Gundam/A New Hope: Introduces the main characters, and features
>a young boy who's life changes from that of a mundane civilian to a soldier
>with unusual powers who ultimately ends up saving the day. Some tragedy,
>too, and also some silly and dated stuff(Star Wars lines, sets and some of
>the SFX that was'nt touched upon in the SE are dated, Gundam's animation
>and some of it's designs are dated) Both were sort of "remixed" by their
>Z Gundam/The Empire Strikes Back:Much darker sequel, with a somewhat
>depressing ending in which the future is uncertain. Also, the most
>cherished by fans.
>ZZ Gundam and Char's Counterattack/Return Of The Jedi: Story features a
>slightly lighter tone and tons of new variations on classic vehlichles(ZZ
>part)Also, a final confrontation between the series's two main characters.
>Gundam F91 and Victory Gundam/The Phantom Menace:Introduces new characters
>and surroundings in a different timeframe. Fan opinion is divided.

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