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<< Just thought I'd point out how these two Sci-fi megafranchises seem to
mirror each other in a few ways....
 Mobile Suit Gundam/A New Hope: Introduces the main characters, and features
a young boy who's life changes from that of a mundane civilian to a soldier
with unusual powers who ultimately ends up saving the day. Some tragedy, too,
and also some silly and dated stuff(Star Wars lines, sets and some of the SFX
that was'nt touched upon in the SE are dated, Gundam's animation and some of
it's designs are dated) Both were sort of "remixed" by their creators.
 Z Gundam/The Empire Strikes Back:Much darker sequel, with a somewhat
depressing ending in which the future is uncertain. Also, the most cherished
by fans.
 ZZ Gundam and Char's Counterattack/Return Of The Jedi: Story features a
slightly lighter tone and tons of new variations on classic vehlichles(ZZ
part)Also, a final confrontation between the series's two main characters.
 Gundam F91 and Victory Gundam/The Phantom Menace:Introduces new characters
and surroundings in a different timeframe. Fan opinion is divided. >>

I know i said it before, but its been mentioned a few times that Gundam
designs were influenced by stormtrooper armor. Throw in other aspects such as
beam sabers and such and the parallels become much more evident.


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