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Wed, 5 Jul 2000 19:57:23 -0400 does the 08th MS team version fit into this?....also, why did the
White base have one of these Guntanks?
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> > I have a bit of a question about Guntanks.... in Kondo's adaptation
> >of the original series, when we first see the Guntank being rolled into
> >action, it looks vastly different than the TV series version(with heavier
> >cannons and a two-barreled laser where the arms are supposed to be).
> >Later, we see it as the more normal Guntank. However, later in the
> >adaptation(Vol.2 issue 4 of the Viz adaptation), two of the "Ver.Kondo"
> >Guntanks can be seen coming out of Federation landships during Operation
> >Odessa. So, I'm wondering, were the weapons we see first supposed to be
> >just optional armanent(I'm assuming the Guntank's arms and top cannons
> >can be removed) which were lated incorporated into a mass-produced
> >version that we see in the comic?
> >
> At the end of the original version of vol. 2 of the Kondo manga there's a
> mecha section featuring Kondo's take on the OYW mechas. It's really
> funny how he made fun of the lack of rationale in the Gau's design (the
> landing zone was too short and how the Dopps could be moved from the rear
> entry landing zone to the launching area along the wings). Anyway, as for
> the Guntanks, the one that resembles the original Guntank was named the
> RX-75 Prototype Guntank, which comes equipped with M556 120mm cannon on
> the shoulders and 40mm gatling gun on the arms. The "laser arms" was the
> RGT-76 Guntank I, a mass production model that wasn't made in huge
> The Guntank I's upper torso is a fully functional turret capable of 360
> degree rotation, so it can fire sideways if it chooses to. The "laser
> are actually anti-air/ground 80mm cannon, and it can carry optional anti-
> ground-based large craft missile launchers on the shoudlers.
> Kondo's essay:
> "The Federation, being a late developer of MS, had earlier perceived the
> as an extension of ground-based weapons. The first design to be
> was mounting humanoid turrets on a thread-based craft. It went into mass
> production due to urgent need at the frontlines. Based on the optional
> armament equipped, it can be used as a long-range support unit or an
> unit. Moreover, the thread-based design helps the craft's stable
> and is suitable for MS pilot trainees. However, compared to regular MS,
> has serious flaws in mobility. Therefore it has disappeared on the
> by the end of the One Year War. Besides a few of the prototype Guntank
> made, the heavy armament Guntank II were made in a very small quantity
> The RMV-1 Guntank II is huge, at almost 50% taller than the prototype
> Guntank. On the shoulders sit 200mm cannon and its arms each carry a
> triple rocket launcher. By the time it was developed, the main theater
> of war has been moved to space (this is way after Odessa) so only a few
> were made before production halted.
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