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> I have a bit of a question about Guntanks.... in Kondo's adaptation
>of the original series, when we first see the Guntank being rolled into
>action, it looks vastly different than the TV series version(with heavier
>cannons and a two-barreled laser where the arms are supposed to be).
>Later, we see it as the more normal Guntank. However, later in the
>adaptation(Vol.2 issue 4 of the Viz adaptation), two of the "Ver.Kondo"
>Guntanks can be seen coming out of Federation landships during Operation
>Odessa. So, I'm wondering, were the weapons we see first supposed to be
>just optional armanent(I'm assuming the Guntank's arms and top cannons
>can be removed) which were lated incorporated into a mass-produced
>version that we see in the comic?

At the end of the original version of vol. 2 of the Kondo manga there's a
mecha section featuring Kondo's take on the OYW mechas. It's really
funny how he made fun of the lack of rationale in the Gau's design (the
landing zone was too short and how the Dopps could be moved from the rear
entry landing zone to the launching area along the wings). Anyway, as for
the Guntanks, the one that resembles the original Guntank was named the
RX-75 Prototype Guntank, which comes equipped with M556 120mm cannon on
the shoulders and 40mm gatling gun on the arms. The "laser arms" was the
RGT-76 Guntank I, a mass production model that wasn't made in huge quantites.
The Guntank I's upper torso is a fully functional turret capable of 360
degree rotation, so it can fire sideways if it chooses to. The "laser arms"
are actually anti-air/ground 80mm cannon, and it can carry optional anti-
ground-based large craft missile launchers on the shoudlers.

Kondo's essay:

"The Federation, being a late developer of MS, had earlier perceived the MS
as an extension of ground-based weapons. The first design to be considered
was mounting humanoid turrets on a thread-based craft. It went into mass
production due to urgent need at the frontlines. Based on the optional
armament equipped, it can be used as a long-range support unit or an anti-air
unit. Moreover, the thread-based design helps the craft's stable movement,
and is suitable for MS pilot trainees. However, compared to regular MS, it
has serious flaws in mobility. Therefore it has disappeared on the frontlines
by the end of the One Year War. Besides a few of the prototype Guntank being
made, the heavy armament Guntank II were made in a very small quantity too."

The RMV-1 Guntank II is huge, at almost 50% taller than the prototype
Guntank. On the shoulders sit 200mm cannon and its arms each carry a
triple rocket launcher. By the time it was developed, the main theater
of war has been moved to space (this is way after Odessa) so only a few
were made before production halted.


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