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Paul Fields asks,

> So what does this say about GMs Mark?

  Well, let's consider...

>> * two in the backpack (to charge the beam sabers)
> Only one maybe except for the MG GMs 2 saber option.

  Sounds reasonable, at least in the seven-generator scenario.

>> * one in the crotch (the other main power source for the Gundam)
> But the GM doesn't have the same crotch as the Gundam, but kw
> output remains the same once they've been to Luna II don't they?

  Well, my archival investigation indicates that the waist of the RX-78-2
was extensively rebuilt to provide cooling for its powered-up reactor. Ergo,
the Gundam's distinctive crotch vent and skirt boxes don't necessarily
indicate a higher power output, but rather the extra cooling systems that go
along with it.

  Thus, whatever is different about the GM's reactor complement may not be
related to the crotch reactor; it might be that the core block reactors are
smaller, and the lack of waist cooling reflects the lower general output.
But all else being equal, I'd assume the difference lies in the reactor
closest to the crotch vent. (Hey, maybe the GM doesn't even _have_ a reactor

  At any rate, whatever hardware differences exist, the GM is 130 kW short.
I kinda like the notion that the Gundam's higher output is due to a 130 kW
"booster" reactor in its crotch... sort of a thermonuclear codpiece. :-)

> Do you think the GM has the same backpack reactor?

  In the "main generator in backpack" scenario, yeah, I don't see why not -
the size of the backpack and the chest vents are identical.

-- Mark

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