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So what does this say about GMs Mark?
> * two in the core fighter (providing its thrust, and power for the Gundam)
GM Core Block with Cooling Units

> * two in the backpack (to charge the beam sabers)
Only one maybe except for the MG GMs 2 saber option.

> * one in the crotch (the other main power source for the Gundam)
But the GM doesn't have the same crotch as the Gundam, but kw
output remains the same once they've been to Luna II don't they?

> * one in each thigh (to run the foot thrusters)
Gonna presume this one is the same too.

> However, the actual Perfect Grade kit gives the Gundam one huge reactor
> the backpack, to which the chest vents are connected. (Smaller reactors
> visible inside the core fighter). Take your pick, I guess.

Do you think the GM has the same backpack reactor?

> In general, you can expect to find the reactors in close proximity to
> main thrusters and/or cooling vents, since they're intimately connected to
> both systems.
> -- Mark

Who is seriously considering scratch building a GM head for his PG
RX-78-2 since we'll never see a RGM-79 perfect grade... Probably
just as easy to do a GM head as a recolored Zaku too. Does anyone
know if they ever did 1/60 GMs, or just Zakus, and Gelgoogs?

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