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Dave Fink asks,

> I'm not sure if this is the place to ask these questions

  Can't think of one better! :-)

> I finished building a Perfect Grade Gundam rx-78-2, and being an engineer I
> found a couple of things puzzling about this model. The intake ducts alongside
> the torso seem to feed into the backpack unit. Does this make the backpack the
> main power source for the gundam? Or does the core fighter provide all the
> juice? I am also working on my Perfect Grade Zeta Gundam, and it doesn't have
> a backpack or a core fighter, so where is its power plant?

  There's sort of a disconnect regarding the Gundam's generators. Older
cutaways (done circa 1980) indicated that it has several specialized
reactors distributed throughout its body, and the Master Grade and Perfect
Grade kits reiterated this in their kit manuals. Specifically, the reactors

* two in the core fighter (providing its thrust, and power for the Gundam)
* two in the backpack (to charge the beam sabers)
* one in the crotch (the other main power source for the Gundam)
* one in each thigh (to run the foot thrusters)

  In this scheme, the two core fighter and one crotch reactors provide most
of the juice for the Gundam.

  However, the actual Perfect Grade kit gives the Gundam one huge reactor in
the backpack, to which the chest vents are connected. (Smaller reactors are
visible inside the core fighter). Take your pick, I guess.

  The location of the reactors in other mobile suits is less ambiguous. The
Zaku's reactor is in its waist, right under the cockpit; the Z Gundam's main
reactors are in its legs, the only non-hollow portion; the ZZ has reactors
in its backpack and legs, plus a backup in its beam rifle; the Superior
Gundam has one in each leg and one in each shoulder.

  In general, you can expect to find the reactors in close proximity to the
main thrusters and/or cooling vents, since they're intimately connected to
both systems.

-- Mark

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