Chris Maier (
Wed, 5 Jul 2000 13:36:23 -0400

I have a bit of a question about Guntanks.... in Kondo's adaptation of the original series, when we first see the Guntank being rolled into action, it looks vastly different than the TV series version(with heavier cannons and a two-barreled laser where the arms are supposed to be). Later, we see it as the more normal Guntank. However, later in the adaptation(Vol.2 issue 4 of the Viz adaptation), two of the "Ver.Kondo" Guntanks can be seen coming out of Federation landships during Operation Odessa. So, I'm wondering, were the weapons we see first supposed to be just optional armanent(I'm assuming the Guntank's arms and top cannons can be removed) which were lated incorporated into a mass-produced version that we see in the comic?

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