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Wed, 05 Jul 2000 11:21:21 -0500

Since there has been a discussion on whether airing the original MSG is
a good idea or not, here's a new idea as to what CN should do with
Gundam. Why don't they license and air both Mobile Suit Gundam AND G or
X Gundam in an action packed hour of Gundam? G or X Gundam should have
animation that's fresh enough for the kids/teenagers and other people
that find the original series' animation as dated. MSG would be for
those of us who want to see the entire MSG series (and every UC Gundam
series after). Personally, I would watch both MSG and G or X Gundam.

It seems to me that Bandai is serious about bringing Gundam to the US.
If they want to sell models here, especially Master Grades, then they're
going to have to bring all of the UC animated stuff here, starting with
MSG. If they don't want the Gundam craze to die off before they can
bring the subsequent series after MSG, then they're going to have to
give America something relatively new from Gundam along with the first
series to satisfy everyone. After that, Z Gundam has sufficient
animation quality (and everything after Z) to be shown without it being
"ridiculed". Or, maybe I'm just smoking something... (hoping that one
day we get to see CCA)

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