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<< I'll go on and admit it, I happen to like Sailor Moon, and I'm a guy. SM
has some very deep philosophical and emotional aspects to it that just appeal
to me for some reason. It's one of those shows, like say Fushigi Yuugi, where
I can be LMAO one minute, and crying my eyes out the next (I'm being totally
serious). I admit that there are some parts that are just absolutely too
corny to watch, but there have been several episodes, mostly near the end of
each series, but also in the middle (such as today's episode on CN) that just
hit you with their power and the emotions that run rampant through them. >>

  Interesting. I never could get into Sailor Moon. I have the first four
tapes of Magic Knight Rayearth and like what I see a lot so far.

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