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><< I haven't been fortunate enough to have the pleasure of viewing the Cartoon
> Network's airing of Tenchi Muyo, so I am wondering something: Is it more
> suited for female audiences as Sailor Moon is? Or is it more like the
> Gundam series, appealing to either gender
> ? >>
> I don't like Sailor Moon at all, but love Tenchi Muyo so far. Tenchi is a
>boy and I think is the main character. I think it can appeal to either
>gender. Some guys I know don't like it, but they do not like anime either. If
>you are used to anime, you should like it.
> I wouldn't say its only for one gender, as there's stuff in their like a
>magic sword, a space ship, love(I think in later episodes) comedy, its
>complex and a lot different then Sailor Moon. In the movie I saw, there's
>more two girls who fight over Tenchi's attention. It was done in a comedy
> While I haven't seen the OVA that's showing on CN until now, I have read a
>few articles about it.

I'll go on and admit it, I happen to like Sailor Moon, and I'm a guy. SM has some very deep philosophical and emotional aspects to it that just appeal to me for some reason. It's one of those shows, like say Fushigi Yuugi, where I can be LMAO one minute, and crying my eyes out the next (I'm being totally serious). I admit that there are some parts that are just absolutely too corny to watch, but there have been several episodes, mostly near the end of each series, but also in the middle (such as today's episode on CN) that just hit you with their power and the emotions that run rampant through them.

Now, that being said, I also happen to like Tenchi simply because it is just plain hilarious (at least right now). There is nothing quite like it in American tv unless you mix several shows like "I Dream of Jennie", "Bewitched", "Mork & Mindy" and "Three's Company" all together with a few others into one big mess and then triple the hillarity at times, but throw in some serious issues (at least it seems that way so far, this is my first experience with it, other then Tenchi Muyo in Love, which I admit, I couldn't get into not knowing the story behind it). I recommend giving it a try, if only to tell that you don't like it. But you probably will if you liked anime like Mamono (Devil) Hunter Yohko, Goldenboy, Burn Up W!, stuff like that.


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