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James Boren wrote:
> This post coincides with some of what I've been thinking lately. I
> think there are a lot of similarities between the OYW and WWI.
> Zeon's resemblence to Imperial Germany (WWI)
> 1. nation led by royalty, Kaiser Willhelm and Archduke Degin
> 2. The Zabis were the top generals, and in IG (imperial germany) some
> armies were still being led by princes and barons.
> MS combat resemblence to WWI airwar
> 1. The pattern of battle for MS echos that of WWI. Units would try to
> get the jump on opponents by making a high speed dash (out of the
> sun). If you didn't get the enemy on that pass, battle turned into a
> close-in engagement. In WWII the pattern was to keep your airspeed up
> and go around for another pass. MS battles more closely resemble the
> dog fighting of WWI. Go in fast, blasting away. If you miss, then
> pull out the beam saber, or heat hawk and get personal.
> 2. ace-specialized craft, and a willingness to build low production
> runs of craft. (Heavy bombers in WWI were rarely built in more than
> say 10 or 20 per design) In addition, prototypes, and one-offs were
> commonly sent out into battle.
> 3. Mobile suits were a new weapon used in war, just as Aircraft in WWI
> -Jboren

some very good points.. i just wondered, could the tactics described be
the possible result of the loss of Radar as an effective war-tool?
in WWI and early WWII the tactics of swoop, attack, dogfight if he
dons't go donw easy ot me sound like they favor the pilot with good
pilot and gunnery skills but where exceptioinal skill s in one could
balance dificiences in another, the later WWII and Korean and even to
some extent Vietnam ere style of pass, then pass again (as planes
speedds got faster and turning radius got wider) sounds more like the
pvorince ofgood gunners unless you were such a superb pilot you could
actually pull inot the end of your pass right at point blank range and
let him have it.. modern air combat is more a matter of lock-on, shoot,
lock-on, shoot ad nauseum.. and favors whoever has the best hand-eye
coordination and computer skills... with computers doing more and more
of the pilot's work fighters rely less and less on skills of individual
pilots so kills are more evenly distrbuted among all surviving
combatants without either side even so much as seeing a speck on the
horizon... in UC with Minovski physics at work we go back ot the WWII
ratio of 10% of pilots getting 80% of kills (or something like that, i'm
not aware of the Exact figure)



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