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<< I don't really have beer-guzzling friends, and I don't usually watch
 football. Just a scenario to help me find out what kind of show this is.
 Sounds interesting. If it's not too much, could you compare it to an
 American TV show or movie? Sorry, I'm so blatantly American it's sickening.

  I am sure someone else can compare it, as I can't think of nothing to give
a fair comparsion. I used to watch a lot of American shows, but ever since I
started watching anime and playing video games, most American shows are too
"normal"/boring for me.

  I watch stuff like Silders, a show about travel between parallarll Earth's,
its pretty cool, I like a few other Sci-Fi shows as well. I also watch stuff
like the History channel, TLC, Discovery, etc.

  As you can see, I like interesting stuff. I don't like sports, but do like
a good Tennis video game.

  I guess I better start replying privately, as I am going WAY off topic! :)


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