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What's this MTV stuff again? Sorry, I don't relate to that. I guess I'll
just have to watch it myself. (Oh, the agony)

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<< I don't really have beer-guzzling friends, and I don't usually watch
 football. Just a scenario to help me find out what kind of show this is.
 Sounds interesting. If it's not too much, could you compare it to an
 American TV show or movie? Sorry, I'm so blatantly American it's

Umm... sure. I'll try.

Ok. It resembles MTV's The Real World. They have about 8 to 9 people
under one roof. 6 wacky girls, 2 old guys, and 1 guy (Tenchi) who is going
insane because of the 6 wacky girls. It's not much... but I'm not a big fan
of American tv shows. Hope it helped a little bit.


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