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But, it's not really too much of an action series, right? Is it something
you can flip to during breaks in the football game and watch with all your
beer-guzzling pals without them looking at you funny?
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> I haven't been fortunate enough to have the pleasure of viewing the
> Network's airing of Tenchi Muyo, so I am wondering something: Is it more
> suited for female audiences as Sailor Moon is? Or is it more like the
> Gundam series, appealing to either gender
> ?

Both, definitely! We've shown it at the local con several times and it gets
an equal reaction from both genders. It's a fun series. Unlike Sailor
Moon, it's a comedy aspect of relationships. Mihoshi is the 'typical'
blonde stereotype, Washu is a character that can be used to explain anything
that happens, no matter how crazy it may be, Ayaka Ryoko and Tenchi are the
typical love triangle, Ryo-ohki and Sasami are cuteness factors, Tenchi's
father is typical male stereotype, etc.

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