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<< I haven't been fortunate enough to have the pleasure of viewing the Cartoon
 Network's airing of Tenchi Muyo, so I am wondering something: Is it more
 suited for female audiences as Sailor Moon is? Or is it more like the
 Gundam series, appealing to either gender
 ? >>

  I don't like Sailor Moon at all, but love Tenchi Muyo so far. Tenchi is a
boy and I think is the main character. I think it can appeal to either
gender. Some guys I know don't like it, but they do not like anime either. If
you are used to anime, you should like it.

  I wouldn't say its only for one gender, as there's stuff in their like a
magic sword, a space ship, love(I think in later episodes) comedy, its
complex and a lot different then Sailor Moon. In the movie I saw, there's
more two girls who fight over Tenchi's attention. It was done in a comedy

  While I haven't seen the OVA that's showing on CN until now, I have read a
few articles about it.


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